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How does Innovate or Dinosaur help my team or clients innovate?

An unconventional tool for innovating

Innovate or Dinosaur is an unconventional, collaborative innovation game that helps teams, businesses and organizations think creatively and critically, generate new ideas for real work activities, products and services, and move those ideas to action.


Build skills to innovate everyday

This game will not only help you generate new ideas and create a path to implement them, but it will also build your capacity to “innovate everyday” outside the game or a workshop.


Explore and Evolve

There are two unique parts to Innovate or Dinosaur that can be used together or separately depending on where you are in your innovation process. If you just want to generate fresh ideas, EXPLORE. If you want to move ideas to action, EVOLVE them.


“I found the game was very innovative in itself and created an atmosphere that not only provided a logical framework for how to work towards innovation, but also made it very easy to enjoy the session through competition and teamwork. It was indeed, very fun.”

Adrian Dawson

Innovate or Dinosaur was a great way for my team to gain valuable creative problem solving skills while still having fun. I would recommend this framework to any team that’s looking to move from good to great.”

Susan Denney

“I was astonished by the speed with which we began generating new ideas.  As a skeptic, I had my doubts.  But, within minutes our team was right in there coming up with innovative ideas and solutions. I highly recommend it.”

Hamid Sodeifi

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