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Traction Toolbox

Traction Toolbox was born from our love of creating and leading meaningful and engaging collaborative experiences for people and teams.

Since the early 2000s we have been designing and leading participatory group processes through our professional facilitation and training company Traction Strategy.

To keep the experiences for our clients fresh and to improve the outcomes of the workshops, we started designing our own tools and searching the globe for other high-quality tools and games developed by talented facilitators, trainers, and organizational consultants.

We have curated our collection and created Traction Toolbox. Traction Toolbox is for team leaders, facilitators, coaches, and trainers leading business activities such as innovation, creative problem solving, values and culture building, customer engagement, and change management.

Great for engagement, building skills, or working together productively, Traction Toolbox is designed for flexibility and choice depending on your needs. With an assortment of tools from card decks, to canvases, to tabletop boards and mapping tools, participants are provided a diverse, interactive, visual, and kinesthetic experience.

We hope you enjoy exploring the collection and experimenting with the tools in your own setting. Visit the website often as we continue to grow the toolbox!

Reach out to us anytime. We are always happy to connect and help you find the right tool for your job.


Shawna & Tamara Eberle, Co-founders


with tools that activate participation and support leadership effectiveness


with tools that help them think creatively and critically and move ideas to action


with tools that are accessible, serve multiple objectives and are reusable

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