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Innovate or Dinosaur was developed and designed by sisters and business partners Tamara and Shawna Eberle, who run the multi-award-winning facilitation company Traction Strategy.

Having run ideation, innovation and collaborative problem solving events with clients since the early 2000’s, the sister’s were looking for a way to keep the experience fresh and really help people think differently when they were brainstorming.

The first version of the game was literally dreamt up at 4:00 in the morning after much thinking about how to design an innovation workshop in a unique way for a long-time client so they wouldn’t get bored of the same old processes.

Round one of the game process was a success and further iterations of the game were developed and tested to make it even more effective. Improvements and new developments are continuously being explored to evolve the game and keep it dynamic!

And, here we are.

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