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International Business Game Runner Up 2018

Business Learning Game – Runner up 2018

We are proud to have had Innovate or Dinosaur selected as the Runner up to the Business Learning Game of the year for 2018.

It was already exciting to have been selected to present the game at the International Conference on Business Learning Games in Lisbon, Portugal and then an amazing surprise to be the runner up!

All the games presenting were fantastic, clever and useful – so it was great company to be in. Many thanks to the comprehensive judging process as well.

We have found that using business games in our work, helps to bring the group around an area of focus with a more open mind and positive shift in dynamics within the group.

Our goal is to develop and use creative thinking skills through the process so the game format is an ideal way to divert the group from their typical thinking styles and bring them into a different space. It doesn’t hurt to have a little fun along the way, either!

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