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Pro-tips For Collaboration And Innovative Thinking

Pro-tips for collaboration and innovative thinking

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  • Don’t block. Say “yes and….” NOT “Yes, but…”
  • Try using “What if…” statements to support the exploration of ideas.
  • During the Explore part of the game, DO NOT JUDGE the ideas that are generated during brainstorming. Allow all ideas to emerge and see where they go. Putting constraints on any part of the thinking will only hinder innovation.
  • Use images as well as words when brainstorming.
  • Experiment with collaboration strategies (ex. Everyone brainstorms on own then shares; everyone jumps in and sees what sticks etc).
  • Be inclusive. Encourage everyone on your team to share their ideas.
  • Be a bit whacky and weird. An idea might seem crazy but it can lead to something real and innovative when you explore it further.
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