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There are two unique parts to Innovate or Dinosaur that can be used together or separately depending on where you are in your innovation process. If you just want to generate fresh ideas, EXPLORE. If you want to move ideas to action, EVOLVE them.

This is a collaborative board game that uses creative thinking techniques to quickly open your mind and help you generate new and different ideas for work activities, products or services that you feel there is an opportunity to improve.

You can use pre-identified opportunities or players can create “opportunity cards” at the start of the game based on their unique perspective and role.

The EVOLVE part of the game gives you a series of critical thinking and action planning tools to collaboratively refine and activate your creative ideas.

The end result is a clear idea of the feasibility and suitability of your ideas, the readiness of the team to implement them, and the first steps to making them happen.

Dove-tail it with the EXPLORE part of the game or use it on its own to hone ideas you already have.

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