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Innovate or Dinosaur is a very flexible game that can be played by one person or by hundreds. Here are some options for playing.


for individuals and small groups

You don’t have to use all parts of the game all the time. Simply grab the EXPLORE Creative Technique card deck or the EVOLVE Critical Thinking tools and use them to support your thinking no matter where you are.

This can be done on your own or with a team. This option could also be integrated into the design of a larger planning or brainstorming workshop. To promote continuous improvement, leave a deck on your desk or in common spaces where staff gather.


play for groups of 6+

The most dynamic and engaging way to play this game is to host a game tournament with multiple teams. We suggest a minimum of 3 teams but it could be done with 2. Otherwise you can have as many tables as you want playing in competition with each other. 3-6 people per team is recommended to ensure a range of ideas can emerge and that everyone can easily participate.

You will need 3-8 hours for this option depending on your objectives, how many people you have, and what other elements are included in the workshop. You will also need multiple game sets. We recommend contacting us – especially if you are hosting a really large event – to help you identify the right pieces to play with.

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