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Innovate or Dinosaur is an unconventional, collaborative innovation game that helps teams, businesses and organizations think creatively and critically, generate new ideas for real work activities, products and services, and move those ideas to action.

By using a game framework, and without a sticky note in sight, Innovate or Dinosaur offers a different kind of experience to get you inspired and help you stay engaged when you want to innovate.

A “Nobel” approach

To give some rigor to the game process, the Innovate or Dinosaur game design is based on some of the key ingredients for innovation identified by Nobel Prize Winners* – the most highly recognized innovators in the world.

  • Collaboration – participants work in teams to apply innovation thinking techniques to real workplace activities and services.
  • Competence – participants learn multiple creative and critical tools and techniques that they can easily apply in any situation where they want to be more innovative.
  • Communication – the game requires effective communication between the team members to get the best results, and provides an opportunity for building understanding of work activities and services that can be improved.
  • Vision – this game can connect to an organization’s strategic vision or goals as well as inspire ideas for where the company could be headed.
  • PlayfulnessInnovate or Dinosaur allows people the space to be open and let go of judgments and mental constraints. The gaming and competitive elements allow participants to have fun while doing it.
  • Work – innovation isn’t all fun and games. You have to apply yourself and make an effort. While this is a game, it does require commitment to collaborate, opening one’s mind to new thinking, and active participation.

(* The Nobel Museum in Stockholm conducted a survey of living Nobel Prize Winners to understand what they believe to be the conditions and elements of innovation.)

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