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We are more than happy to lead your innovation game experience for you OR you can buy a Game Package directly from us and lead it yourself.

WE lead

Group facilitation and process design is our thing and we really love activating innovative thinking. As we do for many of our clients, we would be pleased to customize and lead a dynamic Innovate or Dinosaur experience for you.

This could be as simple as a half-day game workshop to a longer innovation lab event, to a train-the-trainer process that helps you develop a cadre of innovative leaders who can lead an innovation game workshop themselves.

YOU lead

This is a great tool for team leaders who want to lead innovation, and for consultants that work with groups to help them innovate.

The game is very adaptable and easy to for you to “make your own”. We will give you lots of suggestions for how to use the game but we fully encourage creative uses as well!

The game package comes with a game leader’s Playbook and one 2-hour play review video call to help you get started.

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