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Innovate or Dinosaur is not just for big, one off innovation events. There are lots of times you might break out the whole game or parts of the game and use it to help you get creative and get to action.

Here are 10 times you might reach for Innovate or Dinosaur

  1. When you have to come up with new ideas or problem solve something and you have idea generation fatigue.
  2. When it’s time for your company or organization to feed your innovation ‘pipeline’ or find ways to be different, better or more competitive.
  3. When you just finished some market research and you want to turn the identified opportunities into innovative ideas that are strategic and actionable.
  4. When you want to advance a particular aspect of your business, such as customer service, an operational system, or sales development.
  5. When you are sitting around the lunch room table brainstorming and problem solving and trying to think a little more creatively.
  6. When you need creative and critical thinking during a strategic planning or business development processes.
  7. When you want to engage people in collaborative, innovative thinking around general opportunities or a specific topic at your next industry or internal conference or team retreat.
  8. When you are at your desk and are stuck for ideas or want to test if an idea is worth pursuing.
  9. When you want to engage your employees in sharing their ideas and provide a fun opportunity for them to collaborate and develop cross-team / cross-function understanding.
  10. When you want to get out from under a pile of ideas and get something implemented.

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