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Sneakerfish gets Inspired by Nature

What more can we ask for in having ideas for problem solving right at our finger tips then by looking to the success that Nature has produced over the centuries?

Following the concepts around Biomimicry, the “Inspired by Nature” card deck can expand our thinking beyond our traditional ideas while learning about what Nature has to offer and making it relevant to our our own need to come up with new ideas or make improvements.

When you are ready to get inspired or get your team or classroom in the mindset to explore the opportunities that are available through the natural world, start by giving them some real world examples of products or processes that have been created through this methodolgy.

Following the same process in our last post on using the Classic deck, once you have a “problem” identified, turn the focus to a randomly selected Nature card and start digging into the details of what features, characteristics and functions have already been solved by nature.

Then ask how can this apply to the scenario we are looking at solving?  What pieces of this element of nature could make our solution more interesting and creative?

And as always when you are being creative, don’t find reasons things can’t happen – follow the flow and see where it goes!

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