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Dry Erase Storyboard Cards


These highly versatile and re-useable Dry Erase Storyboard Cards are a staple for every facilitator, coach, team leader, educator or designer. For example, you can use them for a range of activities such as storyboarding, customer journey mapping, process mapping or planning your social media posts.

This pack of 60 – 5×7″ cards comes in a custom felt pouch with a magnetic clasp and two dry erase pens.


The Dry Erase Storyboard Cards are designed for flexibility and sustainability. As such, the individual frames can easily be put in any order or pattern, moved around as needed and new ones added in without disruption. For example, if you are storyboarding a customer service process or your next video production and you realize that you missed a step, simply move the individual cards around and insert a new card.

These cards can be used by individuals or for collaborative processes. For instance, an individual can use them on their own to map a process or idea at their desk or on their bulletin board. Groups can co-create a story or process map on a meeting room wall, white board or small group tabletop. As needed, sticky tack or magnets can be used to attach the individual cards.

The package includes a felt carry case, 2 dry erase pens and 60 dry erase storyboard cards with space for a graphic and text. For example, the text can be a description of the image or process step, key messages or dialogue. And, because of the dry-erase coating, they are easily cleaned and re-used.

Instead of using sticky-notes, you can use the Dry Erase Storyboard Cards for many activities including, but not limited to:

  • Mapping out ideas, systems or processes
  • Identify gaps in a process
  • Customer experience journey mapping
  • Action planning
  • Illustrating and sharing ideas
  • Organizational story-telling
  • Agile retrospectives
  • Preparing for a training or learning experience
  • Planning social media posts
  • Putting values or visions into action
  • Storyboarding for videos, plays, stories
  • And so much more…

Details: Each pack has 60 – 5×7″ dry erase cards in a custom felt pouch with a magnetic clasp. Two colours of dry erase markers included.

Additional information

Weight .455 kg
Dimensions 14 × 22 × 2.5 cm

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