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Gamification for Business


Making the case for using games in business

“Gamification for Business” shows how games and game-based design can be used effectively to improve organizational performance.

Including more than 20 case studies from experience international contributors who have successfully implemented game-based solutions, this book outlines the business issue in each case, the impact the game had and key learning points to help readers implement a similar type of game in their own company.

About the Authors

Sune Gudiksen is associate professor in design and innovation management at Design School Kolding, Denmark

Jake Inlove is co-founder of GameBridges and has developed and used games to help a variety of organizations become for innovative.


Book | Early Edition

“Gamification for Business” by Sune Gudiksen and Jake Inlove

Why innovators and changemakers use games to break down silos, drive engagement and build trust.

2018 | Published by Kogan Page, London

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