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The Zero In Formula


Up to date and relevant to today’s business landscape, this book is your guide to customer-centric strategies for your business or organization.

Step by step tools to build a proper foundation for customer-centic innovation.

Author: Dennis Geelen



The Zero In Formula, your guide to building a sustainable customer-centric business.

Building a company, an organization, a school, a church, or a team that reaches the level of customer-centric innovation (CCI) required to be a leader or disruptor in your industry—with long-term sustainable success—requires intention and a plan. This book gives you the right pieces to your puzzle. This book helps you understand how to build a proper foundation. This book is your recipe.

In The Zero In Formula we walk through the recipe together. You will learn what it means to be customer centric, with strategies and tools you can apply to your business. You will understand what it means to be truly innovative, with principles and practices you can implement. You will be guided through the recipe step-by-step to build your successful foundation. You will learn from stories and examples of other businesses and their successes and failures.

Whether your business is just starting out and looking for a blueprint to follow over time, or an existing business that realizes you need to make some corrections and get back on a better course, The Zero In Formula is your guide.

Dig deeper with Dennis’ new course series available here!

About the Author

Dennis Geelen is the Founder of Zero In, a CX and Innovation consulting company based out of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

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