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Sneakerfish “Classic” card deck process

The Sneakerfish Creative and Critical Thinking card decks are a tool to be used in whatever way suits your circumstances.

However, we use these methods in the Explore section of our Innovate or Dinosaur game and it has lead to countless fun, creative and useful ideas and improvements for our clients over the years.

Here is the basic process to get you started:

  1. To begin, we need something to solve, improve, invent… you get the idea!   If you are working with teams or students and want real buy in and personal interest, get them to come up with something meaningful to them.
  2. Grab a card from the deck.  Try to be random – if you let people select the card that appeals to them, you have already lost a slice of the creative process.
  3. This part is important:  Don’t immediately leap from the card back to the problem… spend some time exploring what we know about the card you picked.
    • What are our experiences with is?
    • What do we believe about it?
    • What do we know about it?
    • What are it’s attributes, features, functions?
  4. Now we can circle back to our “problem” – what processes, features, experiences can we apply to the solution?  Is there something here that we hadn’t thought of before?  How could that work towards our new idea?
  5. Keep going!  Feel free to pick another card to keep building on that idea!  Real life is like that!

Remember, creativity has no boundaries – allow people to keep going through the process, always building, never blocking!

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