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Maximize the effectiveness of the toolboxes with a virtual or in-person facilitated learning experience to better understand the tools and how to apply them. While the tools come with instructions, additional training is highly recommended for developing capacity and confidence, and increasing the successful use and potential results from using the tools. We have flexible options for extra support and will work with you to identify the best choice for your situation.

Training & Coaching

THE ZERO IN FORMULA course series


We are excited to have to opportunity to bring you Dennis Geelen’s self led course series based on his book The Zero In Formula.

You will be introduced to the 2 core business principles that make up The Zero In Formula along with stories and examples from existing businesses that have built a brand that customers crave and a company that people are passionate to work for.

  • Learn WHY it is so important to have customer centric and innovative purpose and values
  • Uncover various tools and strategies to better understand WHO your customers are and WHY they purchase your products and services.
  • Explore what it means to be be operating in the experience economy and how to create the ultimate customer experience for YOUR business.
  • Learn the 5 principles of innovation and the tools and processes required to put them into practice.
  • Learn the best practices and common mistakes to avoid when leading innovation in YOUR business.
  • Explore how to intentionally find, incentivize, and motivate the people with the characteristics required to take YOUR business to the next level.

This course includes conversations with industry experts to bring you a deeper understanding of each component of his lessons. These are integrated into each stage of the process that is The Zero In Formula.

The FULL COURSE BUNDLE is available for $297 CAD, or choose your specific area focus for $187 CAD (INNOVATION or CUSTOMER CENTRICITY)

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