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Classic Creative Thinking Techniques

How to use the Classic card deck by Werner Puchert

Werner Puchert is a digital marketing strategy and experience design director, facilitator, podcast host & producer in Warsaw, Poland. We love his introduction on to how to use the Classic Sneakerfish card deck and hope you do too!

Hack your brain… and maybe a few other challenges we’re facing. I’ve been working on a series where I share some of the design tools that I’ve been using over the years (not to mention my unnatural obsession with collecting them, annoying my lovely wifey as they invade our home). However – I hesitated to post this, worried that it might be tone-deaf towards the ongoing narrative and challenge we’re all facing as a global community. After talking to some of my design-consultant friends and assessing my own business, I realized that we’re all facing, in some cases harsh, direct effects on our respective businesses due to the sudden isolation. We have some talented creative thinkers out there, and they’ve developed some tools that will help us solve some the exciting challenges we’ll be facing as the new-normal takes shape. Perhaps it does makes sense to share some of these tools – like today’s example. Here’s a tool from Canada. Check out the Classic Sneakerfish Card Deck. — Werner Puchert

Werner Puchert can be found on LinkedIn and you can follow his other videos on YouTube.

How to
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4. How to use the Classic card deck by Werner Puchert
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7. Coffee Break with Werner Puchert
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9. Werner Puchert Zeros In
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