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The whole-systems kits are designed as a series of interconnected tools for multi-step thinking processes; moving the team from problem or opportunity to action. Training or coaching, either in-person or virtually, is included to maximize the benefit of these integrated kits.
Rates vary depending on the number of kits required and the delivery and training option selected. Please contact us for more details and to review your specific needs; we can refine the toolboxes to align with your context and objectives.


The Business Model Mayhem Whole-Systems Kit includes four tools that work in harmony to inspire new thinking around a business model and support implementation.

The kit includes the Business Model Mayhem deck, plus tools for refining and testing the idea, assessing the level of effort involved and the readiness of the organization to develop and launch it, as well as an action planning tool to help take the first few steps.

Business Model Mayhem


The Problem Solving Preparedness Whole-Systems Kit is a foundational toolbox to support teams working through everyday — or unexpected — challenges.

There are 5 to 10 tools in this kit depending on your specific needs and interests. When a new challenge arises, the Problem Solving Preparedness tools will guide situation clarity, creative ideation, evaluating ideas, and implementation planning.

Problem Sovling Prepardness


The Strategic Innovation Deep Dive is a robust toolbox of 40+ tools supporting a range of processes for strategic innovation and organizational improvement.

The kit includes tools for gathering inputs and investigating the situation; discovering insights and generating new ideas; assessing and evolving ideas; and prioritizing, moving to action, and evaluating.

This toolbox is ideal for building capacity for innovation skills and nurturing a culture of innovation, or for establishing a resource library of innovation tools.

Strategic Innovation Deep Dive

One of the most impactful resources we’ve invested in is traction’s strategic innovation toolkit. It’s critical for teams to build their creative and decision-making skills and have the proper tools to effectively problem-solve. This toolkit has been a one-stop shop for our team as we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

Susan Lovie, General Manager, Kingsway Mall

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